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Why Advertise in etc. for her?

• 15,000 – 18,000 printed and distributed on the 1st of EVERY month

• Over 150 distribution points (restaurants, retail spots, waiting rooms, etc. Places where people are spending discretionary income)

• Cost Effective — Rates have remained the same for four years.

• All ads are full color. Production of ads, including taking photos is FREE.

• 10 years of uninterrupted publishing – we have never missed a deadline.

• Locally Owned & Operated

• Certified Woman Owned Business

The results of a Scientific Survey conducted by Robinson Muenster and Associates of Sioux Falls.

Are you familiar with etc. for her?
76.3% Yes
23.7% No

How often do you read it?
35.4% Every month
34.9% Only occasionally
22.7% Whenever I see it

What is your favorite section or feature?
28.6% Not Sure
24.9% At Home Section
12.7% Calendar
10.8% Advertisements
8.5% New Business
5.6% All of it
3.3% The A list
2.8% Other (specify)
1.4% Features
0.9% Cooking

How long do you keep your copy?
33.8% 1-2 weeks
31.5% A few days
19.2% 3-4 weeks
6.6% Months
3.8% Don’t know
3.3% Day or less

Are you familiar with etc. expo for her?
67.0% Yes
33.0% No

What is the main reason you attend?
19.7% Unique merchandise
18.3% Fun events
7.0% Exceptional deals
2.8% Seminars
29.6% All of the above
7.0% Other (specify)
7.0% Went with friend
4.2% Shopping
4.2% Looking/Browsing


“When it comes to advertising for our restaurant clients (Applebee’s and Carino’s), etc. for her is excellent. We use it to show upcoming events and specials and the quality of the magazine offers a brilliant view of the food to tempt the reader’s appetite. etc. for her is a cost-effective way to reach customers.

Carol Oren,
Media Buyer,
Adwërks Advertising Agency

“We’ve advertised with etc. for her for years — way back when the magazine was mostly black and white. It has since grown into a beautiful piece. We’ve always recognized the value it’s held in the marketplace. The articles are local, timely, and of interest to the women that we want in our stores. We run ads and A-List items, and often have specific requests in-store for the items that we featured only in etc. for her. Great job etc. for her! You really know how to put out a quality, relevant magazine for the Sioux Falls market!

Sarah J. Berg,
Advertising Manager,
Furniture Outlets USA

“Avera McKennan Hospital & University Health Center has been fortunate to be a part of the etc. expo for her since its beginning in 2006 as a gold sponsor. Participating in the annual event, which reaches over 7,000 people, has given us the ability to get our information on healthcare and healthy lifestyles to residents of Sioux Falls and surrounding communities. A great asset for us has been the opportunity to have some of our physicians speak and feature a variety of services to the expo attendees.”

Linda Olson,
Avera McKennan Marketing

“etc. for her magazine has been an important part of our advertising program as we opened our doors just over a year ago. We have seen consistent feedback from consumers when we advertise events and have loved working with their team. They always seem to place us perfectly!”

Nancy Savage,
Owner of Child’s Play Toys

“etc. for her magazine has been a staple in our advertising budget each and every year! Each month we look forward to placing our ad in such a great magazine for the Sioux Falls community. The layout and design of the magazine is upbeat and fun not to mention FILLED with great information and useful tips too. Each page is masterfully put together with high quality print and vibrant colors. Angela and her staff are phenomenal at what they do!!”

Gina Opland,
The Diamond Room

“Advertising in etc. for her has been a great experience from the first day. The magazine is very professionally done and always the first one gone from the rack. Many of our customers stop in on publication date just to be the first to pick up the new issue! Customers regularly comment on our ads — which are very well done and reflect our Go Casual image!”

Kris Stanton & Lori Jensen,
Owners of Go Casual!

“The reason The French Door chose etc. for her magazine to advertise in was the quality of the magazine and the articles (content). We are targeting women 25-40 and etc. for her is read by this age group. Has our experience been good? Yes! The magazine does an awesome job creating ads and working with the advertiser. When we put a special in the ads we get results. We have used other venues but etc. for her has been the most cost effective for us.”

Suzanne M. DeMore,
Owner of The French Door

etc. for her is a constant in my advertising budget...and reigns as my top priority for advertising as it is that effective for my business. I will forever be grateful to the professional advice and creativity that they have to offer me as a client. The relationship from day one with etc. for her has been a positive as the staff makes a true effort in connecting and supporting my business and I appreciate their commitment to the success of my restaurant. We hear great feedback from our guests — comments that they saw the ad and we distribute monthly quite of few magazines from our rack in the grille. People want to look at etc. for her and that is a great sign that they are doing their business right.

Nancy Gellerman
Owner, Wild Sage Grille

“The advertising I have done with etc. for her magazine has proven to be very good for my business. Customers both old and new are always telling me they have seen my ads. The layout and content of the magazine is excellent with a great blend of advertising and interesting articles. The staff at etc. for her is wonderful to work with and have made my job easier - they keep me on track and on schedule for every issue. The magazine has been key in assisting me to launch many new product lines and the results of my ads are always consistent. Thanks etc. for her!

Heather Taylor Boysen,
Owner of GoodSpirits Fine Wine & Liquor

“We have been advertising with etc. for her since the first issue dating back over 10 years. It is a great way to reach out to not only Sioux Falls residents, but the many visitors to the city through their distribution at the different shopping and dining locations. Through our print ads, calendar listings, articles, and product features, etc. for her is a great way to promote our business.

Adam Nelson,
Marketing Coordinator of the
Siouxland Heritage Museums

“From the opening of Sprout, etc. for her magazine has been along side every step of the way — generating awareness and producing positive feedback. Not one week goes by where we aren’t visited by a new or existing customer that was reminded of Sprout by an image from etc. for her. The staff at etc. for her magazine is prompt, efficient, and professional — making this magazine an even better investment. If you’re looking to create awareness, generate revenue, and make your name known, etc. for her is where you need to be!”

Kari Gaikowski,
Manager and Buyer of
Sprout Children’s Boutique

“etc. for her is a great magazine for Susanne’s on Phillips to advertise in! We have fantastic results every month with the products we feature. Angela is great and we love working with her. She makes it easy and has terrific ideas. We love etc. for her!

Susanne Nester,
Owner of Susanne’s on Phillips

Ad Dates &Specifications

Deadlines & Street Dates
• Closing date: 10th of the month prior

• Materials due: 15th of the month prior

• Issue release: 1st of the month

• If dates fall on weekend or holidays,
move date to the nearest work day.
Contact publishers for specifics.

• Please call or email Angela for rates.

• Certain ads created by publishers
may incur additional costs.

• Political ads must be paid in advance.

Ad Sizes

¼ (Quarter) Page
3.5” wide x 4.5” tall
Keep all text ¼” (.25”) from the edge.
Do not use a bleed or crop marks.


½ (Half) Page Horizontal
7.25” wide x 4.5” tall
Keep all text ¼” (.25”) from the edge.
Do not use a bleed or crop marks.


½ (Half) Page Vertical
3.5” wide x 9.625” tall
Keep all text ¼” (.25”) from the edge.
Do not use a bleed or crop marks.


Full Page
7.25” wide x 9.75” tall (Live Area)
8.25” wide x 10.75” tall (Trim Size)
8.5” wide x 11” tall (Bleed Size)
Keep all text ¼” (.25”) from the edge.
Do not use crop marks.


Full Page Spread
15.5” wide x 9.75” tall (Live Area)
16.5” wide x 10.75” tall (Trim Size)
16.75” wide x 11” tall (Bleed Size)
Keep all text ¼” (.25”) from the edge.
Do not use crop marks.


½ Page Spread
15.5” wide x 4.625” tall (Live Area)
16.5” wide x 5.125” tall (Trim Size)
16.75” wide x 5.375” tall (Bleed Size)
Keep all text ¼” (.25”) from the edge.
Do not use crop marks.

Bleed Ad Specifications
• ONLY for Full Page and Full Spread Ads

• Add 1/8" bleed to all sides

• Keep all text 1/4" from the trim

• Crop marks are not necessary, but if used, must stay outside the bleed area

Other Ad Specifications
• Color Mode: CMYK, Process (Do not use spot colors.)

• Use CMYK values for color swatch names. Do not use simples names such as “New Color Swatch,” “New Gradient Swatch,” “Blue,” “Green,” etc. Colors with these simple names may be replaced with a color from another advertiser’s ad with the same simple name.

• Resolution: 300 dpi

• Preferred File Types: PDF (embed fonts), EPS, TIF

• Other Acceptable Types: InDesign CS4, QuarkXpress 6.5, Illustrator CS4 (must send all links and fonts as well as convert fonts to outlines in Illustrator).

• Do not use Multiple Master (MM) fonts unless you have converted them to outlines or save your file as a Photoshop EPS.

• Links Must be EPS or TIF files (no JPG or GIF files).

• Embed fonts when sending PDFs.